• How to Change the Brake Pads

    Getting that squeak or crushing sound on your brakes ? Here is a video demonstration on how you can change your brakes. Although, we highly encourage you to let us do the hard work- changing your brakes before you wear out the rotors will save you money!
  • How to Change The Oil and Oil Filter

    How to change your oil

    Avoid the hassle and let us work on your oil change. It only takes 15 minutes and you’ll save your save time and money.

  • Menabo Tema Steel Roof Rack

    Menabo Tema Steel Roof Rack

    Need a roof rack?

  • How to mount 4 Bike Carrier

    How to mount 4 Bike Carrier

    If you love the outdoors this videos give you a good idea on mounting bikes to your car.

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  • Diagnostic

    A check engine light is a pain in the rear. You lose that peace of mind on the road. Now a days it doesn’t matter if you have a brand new car or your old faithful a check engine light is not fun. We provide a diagnostics check on your car – come by and lets take care of that engine light.